3nd Conference on High Rise Building

Executive Secretariat



Seyed Mohamad Beheshti

Dr. Hamed Mazaherian

Dr. Mohamad Saeid Ezadi

Dr. Manoochehr Sheybani Asl

Dr. Hossein Abde Tabrizi

Ahmad Masjed Jamei

Dr. Mahmood Golabchi

Dr. MohamadReza Hafezi

Shadmehr Rastin


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Comittee Chairmen and Secretaries

  • Mohammad Beheshti

    Planning Committee Chairman

  • Dr. Hamed Mazaherian

    Scientific Secretary

  • Dr. Mohammad Saeid Ezadi

    Planning Committee Secretary

  • Dr. Manochehr Sheibany Asl

    Rules and Regulations Committee Committee Chairman

  • Dr. Hossein Abdoh Tabrizi

    Economics and Finance Committee Committee Chairman

  • Dr. Ahmad Masjed Jamei

    Social and Cultural Studies Committee Committee Chairman
  • Dr. Mahmood Golabchi

    Technology and Construction Committee Committee Chairman

  • Dr. Mohammd Reza Hafezi

    Architecture And Urbanism Committee Committee Chairman
  • Shadmehr Rastin

    Executive Secretary

About High Rise Building

Due to national & international investments, Iran is now renowned as one of the largest urban construction centers in the Middle East.Despite of all technical & executive potentials, the question is, why are there few companies willing to construct high rise building? Since the proportion of the executive ways with the qualitative standards has a key feature for the beneficiaries, the principles of sustainable construction consists of a broad range of methods.

Rasayesh institute is holding the 1st Conference on High Rise Building in Iran & the Middle East. The conference theme, "Necessities and challenges of high rise building" aspires to study all the available challenges in building industry among the many professionals covering the various building fields.